How to Apply for Aadhar Card: Online & Offline Registration Process

How to Apply Aadhar online: This article is for all the people who have no idea about Aadhar card registration. Today Aadhaar card is a very important document which is required for various things like bank account, school admission and others. So the people who do not have the card should get it as soon as possible.

In order to get the card one should visit the Aadhar card enrollment center. This is very easy as there is no rush at the centers and they are available everywhere in your locality.

Read this article properly to know in details about the procedure. We also tell about the things you need in order to apply for the Adhar card.

Once you have all the things then only you should visit the registration center. You can check which center is near you on the official website.

All About Aadhaar Card:

Government of India has many ambitious plans which require the use of this card to identify each citizen. Therefore it is natural to wonder what is special about these cards.

This card is unique because it can uniquely identify the person with the help of centralized data.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was formed to control this collection and storage of data. is the official website of the organization.

They store all the demographic information of the Indian citizens in their servers. They are the sole organization who has all the permissions related to collection and distribution of this data.

Once you enroll, you will get a 12 digit unique number. Since they store biometric information like iris scan and finger print, an individual cannot have multiple cards.

Thus it will help in exposing many fake governments issued identity cards. This is why the government is trying to link everything to the UID card.

UID Card Registration Process:

If you have the required document you can easily apply for the card. If you do not have and our father or husband has the card then also you can apply. Check the documents required before proceeding with the application.

Next you need the Aadhar card application form. This is available at the Adhar card camp and website also. One can downloa & fill the registration form to save some time.

Visit the official website to get the form in pdf format. After that, take its printout and fill it.

If you want the address of the center then revisit the official website. There is an option on the home page to get the enrollment center.

Select the appropriate options to get the desired result. Finally, visit the center on any working day to enroll.

This will not take a long time so do not worry and go for it. If you have any doubt, then comment below.

Here is a list of documents which you can show as proof at the center. Click here to check the list of valid documents.

Important things to keep in mind for Registration and Online Application:

Please note that the whole registration process is free of cost. When you will visit the center please carry your original documents with you for verification.

The most important thing is to keep the enrollment slip after registration safely. This slip has the enrollment number.

The number along with the registration dastte and time form the EID. EID is very useful in later stages like aadhar download, aadhaar card update and others. Therefore it is necessary to keep it safe to avoid and hassle later on.

We provide the other information related to the Adhar card on this website. So bookmark it to visit again if you need any help with the UID.

If you have any question on the aadhar registration, comment below. Check our other posts also on this website.

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